New server is up and running

November 15th, 2009     by Mark

I moved the site to another server. Everything seems to be working but if you see anything not working right, let me know.

Site is down right now - UPDATE: it’s back up

June 21st, 2009     by Mark

Yesterday evening my hosting provider did some upgrades that broke everything except for the News and Forum links. I have contacted them and they are looking into it. I don’t know how long it will be before it is back up again. Hopefully it will not be too long.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: 6/23/2009: They still have not fixed it. I am going out of town until Friday and I am not feeling very optimistic that it will get fixed while I am gone.

UPDATE 6/28/2009: They have made very little effort. I may just have to find another hosting provider. Either way it is probably going to be at least a couple more days.

UPDATE 6/29/2009: It is working again for now.

Discussion Forum

January 5th, 2009     by Mark

I added a discussion forum to the site. Click Forum on the top menu bar to get to it.

The color scheme is not perfect. I am still planning to update it.

News blog is up

November 16th, 2008     by Mark

I added a blog to the site. I will update it whenever there are any changes to the site or whenever there is any news or anything going on.

The site went up a few days ago. Let me know if you experience any issues with it.