New players
18 Apr 2016 7:37 PM
There has been an influx of new players on this site which is great. Skyler is a tough player, and I see he has just played a 67 move marathon against G-Ray. Looks like he is here to stay. bob440 is another new arrival. Looks like he is here to stay also, and he is a player that has mentioned, like many others, he played the board game years ago, and now just found this site. Great! His frequent opponent, ssa 438 seems to just be learning the game, thrown right into the fire, and seems to be picking it up quickly. balkan69 is another new arrival, and tennisball is back, after taking a break for almost a year. She is a tough player from Germany. You still have the top players, Mark, mtbikesman, and Rudolphus ( would love to see a round robin between them!). Then you have the players who have been here for a little while, jgeis, Kalash, waldgnarf, swhedon, G-Ray, all players who keep this site going at this point in time. Don't mean to leave anybody out, players are in and out. I miss players like Mikoyan, Phoenix, Rosiemack, and I know mtbikesman definitely misses yibyab. I do to. Those games are great to watch, and the conversation is priceless. Welcome new players, everyone needs a break now and then, but, please, always comeback. Regular players make this site, and always kindly suggest to brand new players, the importance of finishing games, whether to the end, or resign. And to close, thanks Mark for the site.
18 Apr 2016 9:18 PM
I'd like to add my thanks to Mark for developing and maintaining the site.

Yes, I played years ago -- a few times against the friend who introduced me to the game. Then he moved away, I bought a copy of the game -- and then spent the next almost 40 years trying to find someone who didn't regard it as simply too frustrating for words. I looked around a bit online when the web came into being and found comments akin to "the large number of moves available on any given turn makes it unlikely that a TwixT-playing program will ever be available." I don't recall what prompted me to look again a few weeks ago when I finally found this site.

My "frequent opponent", ssa438, is a former colleague who I invited to take a look at the site because I thought he might like the game (yes, scooter, he'd not previously heard of TwixT). We're both software support engineers; I retired about 3 years ago.

And yes, scooter, I do plan to be a regular visitor. I'll be looking for more games once I feel I've knocked off 40 years of rust.
18 Apr 2016 10:10 PM
Bob440- I can definitely relate to your story, as mine is very similar in not being able to find people to play against.  I appreciate all the great players on this site willing to play someone relearning the game.  And I too want to add my thanks to Mark for managing the site!!!
18 Apr 2016 10:28 PM
Thanks bob440 and jgeis for responding. Nice, you're three years retired Bob. Love it. Also, love the statement, knock off 40 years of rust! Jgeis, at least you found it in college, I didn't find it until my kids were in college. Where was I?
18 Apr 2016 10:41 PM
I may be in trouble, as I left off my good friend from work,, my god, my friend from work right here where I live. Henderson Hellcat is my good friend here in Colorado and who I have worked with for 20 years. Introduced him to the game, and he's whipped me many, many times. He is another regular, a good player, and probably will have his best game ever next time. Against me. I have a feeling I will be whipped!
18 Jul 2016 10:12 PM
How does one change the designation from Newbie to something different?
02 Nov 2016 8:47 AM
Hello all! Love that I recently found this site. I used to play in the late 70's and thought one day, I wonder how much Twixt costs these days and searched Google and found this site. Hope to get to play some of the good players and relearn the game, I used to be pretty good.
I do have one suggestion, what if there was a way to link a cell number so you would get a text message when an opponent plays and it is your turn.