stories of playing the board game back in the day
18 Apr 2016 7:50 PM
I had the good luck of buying the TwixT board game a little over two years ago on ebay in my endeavor of collecting board games. I had never heard of it, but I am definitely older than the game, so I just don't know. Since I love the game now, I have heard a few stories of people that played in their younger years. One was from a player who is no longer on the site, but when he talked about playing the board game with his family on the porch of their cabin along a river, you could hear the excitement in his words. "Even in the wind, the pegs on the board held up good", he said. "The rain hitting on the tin roof, it was great". Two players on this site, talk about playing the board game when they were growing up, now living in different parts of the country, and now are able to play, everyday, if they want to, on this site. Just some fantastic. If you have an experience to share about playing the board game, take a few minutes and post it. I think it's very interesting. Thanks, and take care.
18 Apr 2016 9:57 PM
I bought my Twixt board game from a local store when I was college during the early 70's.  The 'Bookcase' style packaging immediately caught my attention and is still one of my favorite game packaging styles.  It is a well thought out design.  I played others in my dorm while at college, but never found anyone to really play against afterwards.  I also purchased another 3M bookshelf game called 'Ploy' which is somewhat of a variation of chess.
18 Apr 2016 10:24 PM
Thanks jgeis. That's what I like to hear. How people found out about the game.
07 May 2016 2:33 PM
I was a high school freshman back in 1967. At the chess club, a girl had a 3M set and introduced me to my addiction. She won, but I took longer to defeat than she was expecting. She was a bit anxious because she wanted to catch her bus home. There were four of us at that club who enjoyed playing Twixt instead of chess. In college I found a few opponents, but generally not so much, because no one wanted to lose to me. A strong chess player offered me a bet, $50 if I could win 50 consecutive games. I turned him down. I was pretty good then, but I knew I wasn't *that* good. The Internet has provided me with opponents strong enough to teach me how to play really well. My first Net games were on]Gamerz. Back in 1991 it had no graphic interface, and play was by email using monospace text graphics. You had to type in the move coordinates AND your password with every move. Now it's a very decent interface, as you can see if you click on the above link. By now I have played well over 2000 Net games, maybe as many as 3000. I hope to play thousands more.
18 Jul 2016 10:27 PM
My story is similar to Peyrol's.  I learned the game after leaving the Navy in '78 and enjoyed it.  I bought the bookshelf version and after a few years, lost the game due to moving to a new home.  For many years I missed playing the game until one day I was playing chess online and thought to myself, Twixt would lend itself well to a computer played game.  I started searching and found Little Golem.

Peyrol kicked my butt many many times before I gained enough experience to give him a challenge.  He is still a better player than I, so I savor the victories when I am able to win a game from him.
30 May 2017 4:26 AM
I actually only just barely learned TWIXT the summer of 2014 while deployed with the USAF.  Another Airman introduced me to the website  We tried most of the games on that site and enjoyed most of the chess variations.  One day we tried out TWIXT and were hooked.  We probably played 3-5 games a day for months, or so it felt.  Only the two of us gained interest in TWIXT from our Squadron.  It was probably slow progression from the outside looking in, but we were evenly matched.  In our endeavors to get better, my friend found this site and grew exponentially over a short period of time.  The only way to keep up was to join this site, and how grateful I am now!  For I no longer have only 1 opponent, but many!
03 Jun 2017 8:40 AM
i was a good friend of alex randolph, the inventor of twixt and hundreds of other games - but on hid tomb in venice it reads - alex randolph, the inventor of twixt........
05 Aug 2018 7:24 PM
My mother bought me the original game back when those style games were on the shelves in every store that sold games. I had others by the same manufacturer, Facts in Five comes to mind. But none appealed to me as Twixt did. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But, alas no one wants to play if they lose the first time.

The board was held together by one piece of scotch tape. Mine has only just recently fallen apart and needed to be replaced. I am brand new to this group and have made a few silly blunders not understanding the etiquette or having played the game against the computer failed to realize I was black now. But I'll catch on I hope and we can all enjoy playing together now.

I have had a few opponents on my original game who have proven themselves worthy opponents. I still have my original game.
28 Jun 2020 8:49 PM
I was introduced to the game while I still lived in Atlanta in the mid 70s. I got to be pretty good among our small group of players. But, the group broke up after about 6 months when one couple took a job transfer out of state. I bought a copy of the board game, but no one would play me more than a game or two, because I would win easily. And then I was transferred to NJ in '78.

Fast forward forty years ...

I'm in NH now. When I first started playing here in early '16, I was more than a bit surprised to lose (nearly?) every game. After a short while, I figured out that it wasn't because I was having trouble "knocking off 40 years of rust," but because the level of play here is far above that of our little group back in the 70s.

I've since learned to play better. It's a very simple game to play. There's basically only one move. But, it's surprisingly challenging to play well.
28 Jul 2020 4:30 PM
In middle school my best friends older brother played Twixt. He was really smart and loved board games like "Richthofen's War". I spent lots of time at there house and he taught me to play. I really liked it, but totally forgot about it until I saw a 14 year old kid playing it at a friends house. He reminded me how to play and we played a game. I thought it would be fun to see if there was an online community as I enjoy the game "Pente" online. I was excited to find this place. Now if I can learn to get competitive. We will see.