Game 8301 Notes
06 Dec 2012 12:16 PM
Challenging game vs. Dble T.  Still in progress, but wanted to save some notes.  So far, I see the game in parts.[url=][/url]

Part 1:
1.e4 2.i14 3.q13 4.p9 5.l11 6.l9 7.k9 8.n13 9.m13 10.l14 11.o12 12.p17 13.m15 14.m16

At this point, I felt like I had the game well in-hand; then...

Part 2:
15.t17 16.s21 17.q20 18.r17 19.p18 20.t18 21.o15 22.q16 23.p15 24.o17 25.r16 26.s17 27.u19 28.u22 29.s18 30.r19

I didn't expect that to be as complicated as it was, but Dble T put up a good defense, with the earlier 13.m15 peg coming into play, influencing what I expected to be an easy attack to the lower right corner.  I may not have played it right at the start, but luckily I found some alternate choices.  Dble T, twice, placed pegs I hadn't anticipated and I had to adapt, again, luckily, finding unconventional ways to skirt. 

Now, onto Part 3, which remains to played.  Normally, I'd expect to be in a very dominant position, but given Dble T's creativity, I'm going to be cautious.
08 Nov 2012 4:40 PM
The endgame: part 3...

31.e12 32.g15 33.eE16 34.d16 35.c15 36.f17 37.b17 38.d18 39.b19 40.c20 41.resign