Feedback and Suggestions
01 Apr 2023 1:23 AM
My handle was twixter here. Yeah, well, I was just trying to get the server to implement the standard rules. The admin can do whatever he wants, as can the players here. I don't intend to upset anyone.
07 Apr 2023 1:21 AM
A mandatory timeout would automatically remove dead games from the games in progress list.
The timeout could be anything you wanted from perhaps 13 months at the long end to as stort as seems good.
07 Apr 2023 1:22 AM
A draw option would be nice. I had a draw with G-Ray a long time ago. That game is still in the in progress list.
01 Jul 2023 3:03 PM
It would be nice if there was some way to delete games where one of the players has abandoned the game. Currently, I have three games where I've been waiting *months* (no joke) for the other player to make their move. Am not sure that it's a good idea to have the back end cluttered up with that sort of "dead" game?